In the year 201X, there is only one eSport.

Played in outer space, the objective is to bounce the balls off of the paddle.

To score the "Big Points," you must keep your chain alive by never dropping a ball.

Drop a ball, and your chain falls in kind.

If your chain drops to zero, or you run out of balls, only the vacuum awaits you.

Though known to purists as "Death Juggling," this game is now called...


This game was originally created for Ludum Dare 46. This version has been updated a bit to make the game more fun.

The original version had a global leader board and hint system that worked by interacting with a Spring Boot back-end over the web. Because of this, I had to host the game on my own web server. I gutted this feature because sending and receiving HTTP requests doesn't work on, and I'm not equipped to moderate it.

Published 18 days ago
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsLudum Dare 46, Space
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